5 Simple FAQs for Lip Augmentation

Lip AugmentationLips are an essential feature that defines our face. Like our eyes and other facial features, lips too enhance our beauty. No wonder people leave any stones unturned to opt for lip enhancement. Here I present some frequently asked question and answers on this topic, which will be of help to those of you who are unaware about the entire process:

Question 1: Explain lip augmentation.

Answer: Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure, which is used to increase or improve the fullness or shape of the lips. You can opt for either temporary or permanent enhancement of your lips using the latest lip fillers and other techniques. Let me tell you that you can also opt for similar procedures to minimize the wrinkles and lines on other parts of your face.

Question 2: Is the use of anesthesia made during lip enhancement procedure?

Answer: It all depends on the technique. A few procedures ask for topical anesthetic while some need local anesthesia. To know more about the same you can always consult the cosmetic surgeon/expert.

Question 3: How much time does the procedure take?

Answer: If the technique of lip fillers is used, then it will take 30-45 minutes while lip implants can take around 1 hour.

Question 4: Is it painful?

Answer: More often than not, before using Botox or lip injections, lips are numbed with topical anesthetic. You may have some swelling and bruising, which can be controlled with cold compress for the first few hours after the procedure.

Question 5: When can one return to work?

Answer: You can return to the work the very next day after opting for the lip augmentation/enhancement procedure. While patients with lip implants may take 1-3 days off because of swelling.

I hope that aforementioned question and answers will be of help to you. Keep watching this space for more information related to similar topics.


Why Should One Consider Botox Treatments?

Botox treatment helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. Having highly effective results of a non-invasive, anti-aging treatment, Botox injections provide a more convenient and easy recovery process than other surgical treatments.

Botox treatment Melbourne is virtually painless and has a minimum recovery time. The best being that you can continue with your daily chores immediately after the procedure. It only takes ten to fifteen minutes to administer the injection, which makes you time to even schedule an appointment during lunch break.

Botox treatment is extremely effective as it can diminish even deep-set wrinkles within a short period of time. The normal treatment duration is about ten to thirty minutes. The direct results of the treatment can be experienced within one or two weeks and the effects will remain for 3 to 4 months. This largely depends on the treated area, nature of the muscles and many more factors. In order to preserve a natural and youthful look it is essential to undertake three or four treatments each year. You should look for expert and experienced doctors for anti ageing Botox treatment in Melbourne.

You can also consider liquid facelifts when your face begins to look older. You can easily bid good-bye to sagging skin on your face. It helps you achieve a youthful look again. A properly done face lift in the appropriately selected patient can produce an excellent result. You can consult good and experienced skin specialists if you want to go for liquid facelift center. This would minimize the risks and side effects too.

5 Tips for Perfect Medical Skincare Products Purchase

Skin is the largest organ in the human body. Since your skin is directly exposed to a lot of pollutants, the harsh weather conditions among others, it creates a lot of problems such as early ageing among others. This is the reason why it needs adequate care from your end be it going to the best skin doctor to opting for medical skincare products. Talking about these products in particular, let us go through some pointers, which will help you purchase the best skincare products that suit you.

Best Medical Skincare Products at Skin Temple

Research, research and research: The first point is to research about various types of skincare products that are available on the market. Moreover, while you are researching about them, also ensure that you educate yourself about them as much as possible. Don’t just go by commercials but take into account various other factors targeting your skincare requirements. This takes us to the next point.

Know your skin type: Now because you would be opting for medical skincare solutions, you need to determine what your skin type is. Is it oily, combination or dry? Or is it sensitive and adversely reacts to even products that you use on a regular basis? This will help you buy the perfect product without any side effects.

Find out about the effects: The next point is to find out what are the side effects that are likely to occur when you try out certain medical skincare products like Avene cream, Becca, A.S.A.P, Jane Iredale etc. Also, check out whether the product will give you long term or short term benefits for treating a certain skin problem. Sometimes personal habits like smoking and drinking may also cause some side effects so make sure to take a note of the same.

Zero-in on the problem areas: List down all the problem areas in your skin that you are trying to address. For instance, are you trying to get rid of acnes, pimples, scars or simply want an anti-aging treatment? This will in turn let you opt for the best treatment pertaining to all these problems.

Consult your doctor: The last but the most essential tip is to consult your skin doctor before buying and using any products that are available over the counter. If you do not have any doctor as such, then you must find out about the best skin doctor in your area and take his/her advice immediately.

To Conclude

These are just five tips that will help you avail the best skincare products that are medically proven such as ASAP skin products or Avene cream. To know more about similar topics, keep watching this space. Don’t forget to let us know your views!